Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't feel like school.

So tomorrow I start back school, and I have this whole issue with going back to school after long vacations.  I hate it.  On the bright side I'm starting back on one of my easier days.  Thank budda for easy days. My classes tomorrow consist of:

Debate (yessssss..... wait no! I need to perfect my case before Jacob looks at it!  I need perfection!)
Biology (ick. Too much work in that class.)
AP Art (I'm too tired to even think about this class. It's more strenuous than you think.)
Pre Drill ("I'm only doing it for the credit." I repeat this to myself every day, but I still don't really like that class.)
Spanish 1 (the only bright side in this class is friends. Without them this class would totally suck.)

Oh well, there isn't much I can do about school--- I mean I missed having something to do, but at the same time I hate the routine.  Hmmm Anderson is going to be broadcasting live from Israel today I have to say I'm a bit worried.... I hope he and his crew are staying safe and out of trouble, but knowing him he's probably out on the front lines trying to get as close as possible to the Gaza strip.

I can't say I would be much different though.  I like being on the front lines to witness whatever's happening.  I hope he lives to blog another night.

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  1. first day back for me = suck. hope yours is better!