Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ugh. Procrastinating Kills.

Seriously. I have got to get some work done. It's not even funny how slow and late I've been on doing things.

Not only have I NOT drawn up the storyboard I've been wanting to do, I've neglected to take care of my stuffed animal predicament.

After say, 14 years of stuffed animal collecting I've run into the problem of where to keep them. Recently they've just been piled up in a corner of my room being ignored, but my stepmom has been bugging me to hang them up on my walls like fake and fluffy taxidermy.

Also, since her baby is coming, we need to make as much extra room as possible, and sadly my stuffed animals are taking up more room than a 500lb sumo wrestler. While I should be nailing them into my wall I've been reading, doodling, sleeping, and goofing off in any possible way.

Even though I despise going through my stuff, I'm going to go through all my knick knacks and decide what should be thrown away, and what should be sold on ebay. Well, to be honest I probably wouldn't mind going through my stuff If I didn't have so much CRAP.

On the bright side, I'll get to put my Bhudda on a different shelf.

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