Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maybe I just don't think

Lately I've been screwing up so badly it's not even funny. The reason for my being grounded I take full responsibility of.

My sisters and I were shopping with my uncle and Kimberly bought something she wasn't supposed to buy, and I should have been smart enough to say no, but instead I urge her on to buy it.

Does that make me a bad big sister? Or just one that doesn't pay attention? I honestly wasn't thinking, and totally forgot that my parents ever told me that I couldn't purchase that item. However, even though I didn't purchase it myself, the fact that my sister did was enough to set my parents off the edge. I took the full blow of the punishment, which was only a week without computer or telephone access. Luckly I got off on a light punishment (i've had worse).

But all that brings me to the fact that I don't wanna be the big sister that is overbearing, or a total control freak. I'd rather cover for them than them get in trouble.

I'm protective, but I figure as long as my sister isn't half as knowledgeable as I was at her age then I'm good. Overall being responsible sucks, but we all have to deal with it I guess...... unless you're like the baby of the family.

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