Thursday, July 3, 2008

If I'm correct....

If I'm correct, this is my 196th post, which of course means that in for more posts I will have reached my 200th post!

How exciting is that? Ok, so YOU may not think it's anything special, but for someone like me, who has trouble sticking to anything longer than a fruit roll up it's pretty darn impressive!

Anyways, I just got done with my shift at the library which was uneventful. I took my lil sis Kimmie with me. And just in case your wondering Bekka, she changed the spelling of her name yet again, but if your not, then I guess it wouldn't really matter to you.

Just another day of shelving books and dealing with horrible mothers who should never have been allowed to have sex, let alone birth multiple children. One mother was particularly snarky today. Heres how it went down:

Me: Excuse me ma'm, do you need any help finding a book?

Snarky lady: Huh? Do you work here lil missy? (looks me up and down w/ obvious distaste)

Me: (trying to smile politely) Yes ma'm I'm a teen volunteer. Do you need any assistance?

Snarky lady: (chews smacks quite loudly on gum) Yea. My kid needs to read those books about the girl... ya know those really popular books. Just point us in the right direction.

Me: (still trying to smile) Er.... well there are a lot of popular books with girls in them..... could you be more specific please?

Snarky lady: Isn't it your job ta know all these books? Gosh I come to the library and they 'spect me ta know all the books that they have! (exasperated)

Me: Well, we have the American Girl books, Junie B. Jones, Magic Attic club, and many others. (don't mind the twitching, it's completely normal)

Snarky lady: What was that second one? Junie B. Ja- whateva... Yea that's the one my kid needs.

Me: (tries to not bang head on nearest object) Ok, well they should be right over there. Let me show you the correct section.

Snarky lady: Whateva... (looks for kid) MARSHAAAA!!!!

Well as it turns out all of the Junie B. Jones books were checked out..... Hooray for me. BTW, who names their kid Marsha and then looses them in the library?

Me: I'm sorry ma'm but the books are all checked out. You could put them on hold if you want....

Snarky lady: WHAT?! Why couldn't you just tell me that in the first place insteada wasting my time?? (storms off)

Me: I'm sorry. (not really)

People Like that lady make me loose all faith in mothers. Just because you have a vagina and you've started your period does not mean you're fit to be a mother. To be a mother, I think you've first got to be a decent person with some common people skills. Again, who the crap names their kid Marsha now a days? That's gotta be torture going through school with all those Brady Bunch jokes.

picture courtesy of ~derkris


  1. I'm the exact same way, in fact I'm proud of myself for blogging for so long, congrats on almost 200!
    That woman needs a serious attitude adjustment, I hate people like that. God help that kid.

  2. Thank you!

    And yes, that poor little girl.

    I hope her mom is better at home than she is out in public!