Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sudden Burst of Awakeness

Ok, so I have to admit that lately I've been more than lethargic this summer. Sad enough, everyday except for today I've never woken up before 9:00a.m. and actually stayed up without falling back asleep. Today however, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. Weird right?

Haha, lately (sad enough) I've been obsessed with the Phelps twins, aka the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. Honestly, I thought I outgrew that phase of myself, but obviously I guess I was wrong. Haha, oh well. I guess it's kinda like a reoccurring obsession.

I don't know specifically why I like them.... maybe it's because they're British?

It's quite obvious to all my friends that I'm a sucker for accents. My gosh, if I had a US dollar for every guy with an accent that I had a slight obsession over I'd have enough money to buy my own fuel efficient car! And that's saying something, seeing as how all the car dealers are jacking up the prices on all their eco friendly vehicles.

Also, shout out to Bekka (or anyone else). Still looking for music? Check out the song Caught By the Fuzz by Supergrass. I don't know why, but lately that song has been playing on repeat in my head. Oh yeah, if you haven't already checked out the song Love Me Dead by Ludo, make note to do that.


  1. It's always the accents, they make everyone like three times as hot. Yeah, I really want an eco-friendly car, but I'm broke so not happening. Sorry Earth. Love the new layout though, very nice!

  2. I personally find Rupert Grint cuter, but whatever floats you boat :D And, about outgrowing yourself... I have a feeling that I'll remain sort of Peter Pan-like and never grow up in my mind...

  3. Haha the accents are amazing! :D And thanks for the 'shout out'. I actually heard the Love Me Dead song yesterday on Fuse, and I love it!
    Btw, awesome new layout for the blog. It's great!