Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leave of Absence?

B: So... I wanted to talk to you about traveling.

Me: Why? You fixin to pack off and disappear from the continent?

B: Yeah.

Me: ........

B: Well my dad is going to go back to the Philippines, and I want to go with him.

Me: When are you leaving?

B: I'm coming down to Texas next week, and then I'm leaving. It was a spur of the moment type thing.

Me: Soooooooo is this continental move permanent, semi permanent, removable with water......?

B: *laughs* Only removable with hot shower water.

Me: No, seriously. Why the sudden move?

B: Dad wants to move, mom doesn't. Lots of fights, not that much love. I wanna get in touch with the home land.

Me: Why the Philippines? I thought your dad was the Japanese one.....

B: It's cheaper in the Philippines. And as far as I know it's going to be permanent with dad. I think mom might end up coming over eventually. They really don't want a divorce, it's just dad it tired of the States. He wants some non Obama/McCain air to breathe.

Me: Oh. I guess that means no more phone calls eh?

B: Sorry. I didn't think about that..... Hey, they'res always the Internet!

Me: Thank Bhudda for Bill Gates.

B: Yeah well I gotta go pack now. Mom wants me to say bye to all the family.

Me: Oh Gawd.

B: Yeah I know. Between her and dad they have about a dozen or more cousins within 50 miles of where we live.

Me: I'm sorry. I should hang up now, that way you'll be able to get started on saying goodbye to all those asians and their antique stores.

B: See you soon. And stay away from motorcycles and---

Me: Motorcycles. Got it. Hanging up now.

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