Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just hanging with G-Ma Pat

Yups. Spending the whole weekend in good ole Palestine.

Since I've been here (6pm Friday) I've already been swimming at the YMCA twice, also I'm due for a haircut later today.

I've got to be honest, I wasn't expecting much out of this weekend, but I'm actually enjoying it a lot. My cousins are ok, and Jo is doing way better since he's actually taking his meds, David is three and very sweet, and Miriam has entered the pre teen "but I think I'm a teenager" stage that I went through.

Everytime I see her holed up away from people reading in her room I think, "Wow, was I really that agnsty and depressing?"

No, wait. Don't answer that question. YES I WAS WAYYYYY WORSE. It's a wonder I even had any friends in sixth and seventh grade.

Anyways, my body is currently radiating chlorine, and the stench is starting to make me a little dizzy. Wooooooooooo!!!! Essence of Chlorine! The newest chic fragrance on the scene!

So yeah, hopefully I won't magically screw up anything and I'll be able to post tomorrow. For some odd reason whenever I go to a relative's for the weekend I always come home and end up getting grounded. Sucks right? I blame my sisters. I never get into trouble when I go on trips by myself.


  1. I still am angsty and depressing, I swear though, if I didn't hide out in my room I would go crazy.

  2. yep im familiar with the teen angsty phase.