Monday, July 7, 2008

200th post already?

Wow, saying that I wasn't anticipating this moment would be a complete and total lie. I'll be even happier when I reach my three hundred mark.

Not much is going to go into effect other than the fact that I'm probably just going to change my layout. So yes. As for my day, it was pretty uneventful.

No wait, my stepmom went to the hospital for her gallbladder. We don't know how she got all those gallstones, but she won't be able to have it removed until her baby is born. Then after that she has to get her tubes tide. Sounds fun right?

Anyways, as for the library it was pretty boring. Bekka was awesome enough to check out Ironside by Holly Black for me after I so stupidly left my card at home. Thank you again Bekka!

Yesterday, I finished Valiant by Holly Black. It was the single most raw book I've ever read. I've never read a book so raw and open like that before.

was a definite breath of fresh air. Anyone who enjoys reading dark goth slightly punk romance books should definitely check out her books.

Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention the first book in her fairytale series Tithe. Yet another great book. Did I mention she co-wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles? Yup, Holly Black is that cool.

Her resource page on her website is also very useful for young writers looking for tips and such on how to get started.

If you haven't guessed yet, Holly Black is my new favourite Author! Haha, so make sure to check her out in the near future. ALSO, I recently stumbled upon this little treasure trove of a blog that gave really great book reviews called 3 Evil Cousins.

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