Sunday, January 13, 2008


(You're alomst there!!!)

Yay! Weekends! Going to Hannah's house is always fun, but this weekend it was particularly awesome. We went to a baby shower, and the movies, and her little brother taught me how to ride a Ripstick!! Man, Ripsticks are hard to balance on! Also, I went to BooksAMillion to bug Kirk(bart- hehe I alost wrote barf). I kept on asking how old he was but he wouldn't tell me. Oh well, next time I go there to buy DeathNote I'll bug him again. I think he hates me.......hehe YAY being annoying is funducational! W00T!

I bought the Samurai Champloo art/roman album book. It's really cool! I mainly got it for all the pictures of Jin in it. AHHHH He's like an ultra-bishi!! I was going to buy DeathNote volume 1 but they only had it in the dvd/book form......wah. Oh well.

Oh yeah, when we went to Wet Pets 'n Critters we saw Skai and Christena!!!! I haven't seen Cristena in like forever!!! It was a nice little reunion.

Hehe over the rest of the weekend me and Hannah were making Chowder impersonations, and talking about boys........ehhhh ya know, normal girl stuff. SLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha poor dude in my health class. It's not his fault his name is sosososoooo very cool.

Also today me and Hannah made Kenne a sock monkey cookie cake for his birfday. He better like it or else!!!!! Grrrrr we spent a lot of time on it! Also, stupid serta mattress(caleb) better not try to eat it or else I'll be really mad. Like yelling mad. Arg, Caleb is such a butthead. Why is he so mean? It's like he's going through mood swings or something.... And like the only things we have in common is wrestling, and music, and random other stuff. Why did he turn so mean?

Ah, oh well. I can always find a replacement Caleb....., so maybe I can't. Ehh maybe someone will beat him up and then he'll stop being so mean. Hopefully.

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