Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tedious Tuesdays

Yeah. Today is kinda sluggish. But hey, it's still an off day. I'd take a sluggish day over a school day anytime!

Ah, I've been really lazy lately and I haven't been writing, so my beta is probably going to kill me for not having finished chapter 6 yet. Oh well. It isn't the first time I've missed a deadline. Haha. -.-''

Today we went to Fat Catz, a Louisiana cajun seafood-y place. I didn't eat any seafood, but I did sample some of their fried pickles, and french fries! They were deliciously unhealthy!

Yesterday, I went on a Jeff Hardy picture hunt and stumbled across some icons of him! Some of them were kinda crappy, but the ones that you see at the corner of this post were someof the good ones that I got off of photobucket. Enjoy :]

Also, I've been thinking about buying a scanner so I can get some of my artwork online. I dunno. I'll prolly end up getting one of those cheepie ones because I'm seriously broke. Hehe I guess buying all those mangas have finally caught up with me! XD

Ah, I wish I was old enough to have a paypal account. It'd make it killa easy for me to like, sell artwork and buy stuff.

Bleh, oh well. One of the few disadvantages of being young.

Hehe, just got an IM. Okays I'm off for today.

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