Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here I am, there you go again.


Just downloaded Forever The Sickest Kid's EP Telivision off Party On!

Yay! I loooove all the songs on it! Especially

And it feels as if She's A Lady was written about me..... O.o Yeah, really I'm that mean.......

Or, I might just be delusional again.

Hmmmmmm Who knows? All I know is that I'm buying their full album when it comes out in April.

And their guitarist/vocalist Caleb Turman is like the hottest Caleb I know.

Now, onto other matters, I honestly think that everyone should have the opportunity to watch the film Jacquou Le Croquant.

It's an excellent film! Each scene looks beautiful, and sometimes remind me of paintings. The director did a stellar job on it! It's like, a visual masterpiece!

Did I mention Gaspard Ulliel is in it?

Honestly in my opinion, that should be reason enough to see it. Unfortunately the film is in French, so unless you take French classes or know how to speak it, you probably won't understand it.

Still, it's an excellent film. Go watch it now!!

Hehe, I'm trying to feign off writers block, and for some odd reason foreign movies seem to boost my creative juices. Whatever works, right?

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