Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just call me Vicious


Yups. Just got back home from a very busy day.

Today I had Pre-Algebra, Adv. Science, and U.S. History mid-term exams. They were veeeeerrrryy stressful.

After that I had a meeting at the Public Library for the teen action group where we voice our opinions on what we would like the teen programs to be, and what books kids our age would like to read.

There weren't that many kids there, and the only person I actually knew personally was Bekka.

We had to do this weird icebreaker thing and I got teamed up with the only boy there. I think his name is Cody.....??

I dunno, it was really hard doing it because I was trying to build up the conversation, but every time I tried it ended awkwardly because he wouldn't add anything to it.
Oh well, he likes mountain boarding. That's pretty awesome.

But the refreshments there s u c k e d. No offense to Ms. Chaney, but she doesn't know what teens would like. Ah, well I'm off to take a shower....then study for my remaining exams!

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