Saturday, January 26, 2008

Alrighty then, if ya think it

Yeah. I'm pretty bored right now. My friend told me to watch this really odd movie that was directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

So yeah...
I've just finished watching the mind-boggling movie Children of Men. It was killa awesome! A lot of shooting, and blood squirting everywhere, and overall depression, but still and excellent movie!

Usually I try to steer clear of movies like that because of the fact that I have an overactive imagination which causes me to have veeery scary daydreams, but I'm glad I watched it.

I don't know how to describe the theme, um I hate to say just scifi, but every time I try to think of something to compare it to, I think Fahrenheit 451 for some odd reason, but I guess if I were to compare it to that, then it'd be called post apocalyptic scifi.

I'm absolutely no good when it comes to giving summaries, so here's one that I found on IMDB:

World divisions, chaos and anarchy, these are the ways the world and the last remaining inhabitants are checking out. No child has been born for eighteen years. Human life and its moral self is eroding into extinction. Set in Britain in the year 2027, this is Theodore Faron finding his ghosts coming back to haunt his fruitless life, in the form of an underground band of rebels The Fishes. Unwittingly drawn into their plight, learning who can be trusted, who can be dependable, and how he must hold the most precious secret the Human race has been so longing to hear, the miracle that can change the course of Humanity; the first pregnant woman in eighteen years. On the run, he, Kee and Miriam must travel cross-country, on the run, terrified and helpless to the safe haven of the Human Project. With the help of aging hippie Jasper Palmer this horrific, dark, unconventional and uncompromising road movie is all that is left between the demise of the Human race and the birth of a new drawn.

Definetly something worth seeing if you haven't.

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