Tuesday, January 1, 2008

->My Wishlist<-

Having trouble finding a gift for me?

Wanna get me something that I'll actually like?

Use this list, and you'll never go wrong. [this list is constantly updated] There are some links provided to give you an idea of where to get them, but I'm sure you could find most of it at the mall, or some random trinket shop. :] P.S. the stuff at the bottom is usually the cheapest XP haha and the stars* indicate the stuff I want most.

  1. Wacom Bamboo tablet [orig. or amazon]*
  2. Sushi Pillow! [orig. ]
  3. Zuika stuffed animal [orig. ]
  4. COPIC multiliner pens [orig. or amazon]
  5. Glimpse by Selina Fenech [art print]
  6. Faerie Sagittarius Figurine by Jessica Galbreth [orig.]
  7. Her silent silhouette by arcipello [art print]
  8. In sight of apocalypse by arcipello [art print]
  9. Elegant Choker [orig.]
  10. Black kitty ears :) [orig.]
  11. Growl Bunny hat [orig.]*
  12. Voting t-shirt [orig. ]*
  13. Free Sample t-shrit [orig. ]
  14. FTSK merchandise [orig.]
  15. Kimya Dawson merchandise [orig.]
  16. Robot Pencil Sharpener [orig .]*
  17. Wobble LCD clock [orig. ]
  18. Mini Music Box [orig. ]
  19. Chinese Compass [orig. ]
Ok, so yeah. Basically that's it. I know some of the stuff like the art prints and stuff are kinda out there, but hey it's what I'd like. Obviously any type of money would be nicee I'm a great lover of paypal and ebay cards, so ya know any of those would be nice. Also, I love stuffed animals :]
Oh yeah, shirts sizes! Imma womens Medium.

If you'd like to mail any of the stuff to me mail it here:

Click here for address. It's very complicated to get to it, so if you're not committed, don't click just to know where I get mail.