Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ahhh, So you're not an astronaut?

Today, school was pretty mediocre, and I have to admit: I'm kinda disappointed. The only eventful thing that happened was meeting with the counselor to talk about my schedule.

But what should I expect? Kittens and puppies falling from the ceilings? I mean, honestly. In a relatively small close nit town in east Texas, you don't get to see much drama unless you're in the southern part of town.

Ah well, I guess I could always just write, write, write my way away from this small unpopular town. Sometimes I wish I could live in a different, more interesting place, but then I remember how homesick I would be...

I can't say I'd miss scenery as much as the people. East Texas can have some pretty screwed up weather! First it's nice and warm with a tad of humidity, then it's rigid and cold. I dunno. Ehhh..... I wish I lived in Forks, WA.

The picture you see to the side is a picture of some of the many ginormous pine trees that surround my home town. courtesy of Kaitlyn Guns.

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