Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's hard to find decent HP fanfiction

I've been looking for about 30 minutes for a halfway decent fanfiction to read! Each time it's some cliche piece of crap story about something that's already been written like 9048573573943 times!

Here are the top ten craptastic ideas that have been used so much my head wants to explode!

  1. Harry impregnates someone.
  2. Draco impregnates someone.
  3. Arranged marriages.
  4. Transfer student from America coming to Hogwarts
  5. Draco falls in love with a muggle
  6. Girl is forced to spend summer at the Malfoy Manor
  7. A Gryffindor falls in love with a Slytherin
  8. Voldemort has a daughter who falls in love with Harry.
  9. AU: What if Harry didn't win.
  10. Harry has a secret twin sister.
Now I must admit, there are some excellent stories with the same plotlines as I mentioned above, but the ideas have been used over and over and over that it just make you wonder: WHERE HAS ALL THE ORIGINALITY GONE?

It's also the fact that most of the stuff that is written, isn't done too well. But hey, I guess it would be asking too much for decent Fanfiction. I mean, honestly is it that difficult to spell check every now and then? It really isn't that hard, all you've got to do is looked for the words underlined in red!

Oh well, I'm off to read something other than fanfiction.

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