Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am a vampire and I've lost my fangs.

Ah, the most wonderfullest anti folk song eva!

It's called Vampires by Ansty Pantsy (I think..)

It's amazingly cute! Also, it was featured on the JUNO soundtrack.

The soundtrack also includes many songs by The Moldy Peaches. They're killa awesome :]

I think Kimya Dawson (also a member of the moldy peaches) does some solo songs on there too.

Anyways, it is definetly something to check out. :]

Mhm... don't those cupcakes look yummy? I wanted to make some but we didn't have any batter at the house so all I could do was make a sandwich.

Haha, If I made cupcakes I'd probably never eat them! I strongly detest anything I create after awhile....kinda like the Christmas cookies I made.

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