Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comic Art of Note

So I decided it was time I did a post on all of my favorite web comics, and maybe try and get the word out on these excellent artists and writers. Check them out if you dare. I bet I've got a comic on here for everyone :P

If you're looking for nonstop, hardcore, realistic action Op. Wound comics are for you. Here you can find the ever popular Rex by Danijel Zezelj and Memento Mori by Richard Serrao, and many other kick @ss comics. They have a distinctive realistic black and white style that makes them stand out among other web comics, and now they've even extended themselves toward the comic stand. Rated M for a lot of yummy violence and butt kicking.

This anime style four paneled comic is definitely one to keep you on your toes. Not only are all of the pages in color, it has an excellent story to boot! Set in post apocalyptic flooded England, 12 gang members that hold special bond have set themselves up a pretty decent life when a girl from Manchester shows up accusing one of their members of murder. There's a lot more to the plotline, but I'm afraid if I continue typing I'll give the whole story away. Rated M for language and implications.

A kind of scary, but very interesting comic. It's still too early on in the series to tell where it's going, but the story sure is interesting to me so far. I found this artist through Deviant Art, and his artwork looks as if he pulled it straight out of a nightmare. Rated Older Teen for gore.

Ode to the Night
Another anime/realistic styled comic. It's set in a dark world of vampires and their slayers. Can't say much about it....OTHER THAN THE FACT IT'S AWESOME. They put a lot more detail into characters instead of backgrounds. Rated T for dark themes.

This comic is a bit of a mystery to me. It's your classic story of growing up, and apart from your best friend. A kind of "finding yourself" type of story. Rated PG so far.

Boys Love Library
A shonen-ai site that has a few short little comics. Dunno what to rate it right now, but it's very cute :]

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