Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonight of all nights

Tonight was the end of GYM for the season. I really wish they would keep the place open during the summer, but I guess I understand because it costs money to keep the place open all the time.

Anyways a bunch of first timers came and it overjoyed me to see them there.

There was a confession time where some of the GYM helpers shared some of their life stories, and a guy I knew got onstage and shared about how he used to not be a good kid and how he smoked and drinked and then God came into his life and woke him up. I honestly didn't think all that had affected him that much. I used to see him as a one dimensional person, but now I view him in a different light.

I also was overjoyed when they gave out Pierre Moranza's email. He's a phenomenal speaker who will change your perspective and life.

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