Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Ok, so I'm more confused.

Yesterday me and my friend (who asked for his name not to be released) B were talking. Just regular catch up talk that you usually go over when you haven't seen someone for a while when he's all like "So how's you're social experiment doing?"

At first I was like "WTF are you talking about?" but then I realized he was talking about L. Then I remembered friday night when I went to the Pop show recital. Man was I confused.

Over the past couple of days Nichole and I have been goofing around and slowly trying to piece together the weird and mysterious puzzle also known as L.

I thought that maybe I might be able to catch a clue about him when we took the right/left brain test, but when we counted up the results he broke even. How indecisive can someone be?

However, I think I might have attained an insightful little clue. I think he might be a stage person. Ya know, someone who might be totally cool while preforming say like a skit or song, but once you see them in person they're totally different......but then again that's just a theory.

A very far fetched one at that. Oh well.

It's better than the test tube theory......yeah?

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