Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looking forward to the future

So I've been thinking.

Thinking of great things for this humble little blog.... maybe something that might require a team of technical magicians.

I've been wanting to increase blog visitation and overall views when a thought came to me. Before I start trying to wrangle in some views I should start to organize and improve this blog.

So yes, for the next few weeks (maybe months) I am going to try to improve my blog for the better viewing public.

My to do list consists of:

-Making a new page
-Making a code for a one column layout
-designing new headers
-obtaining a site counter
-finding a well knowledge coder
-getting in touch with local undrground musicians
-making more Pory(c) & Leopold(c) cartoons.

So yes, don't be scared if you come to this blog and see some hideous header with a four eyed monster on it. I'm just experimenting and improving.

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