Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speed Racer

Oh Mi Gawd.

I love Speed Racer. It is probably one of the best digitally enhanced movies of our generation. At first, before I went to see it today I thought it would be some cheesy second rate production, but no siree! It was a plethora of bright colors, fast paced action, and yummmy delicious Emile Hirsch!

I was a bit antsy about the whole overall plotline but it ended up to where you were to entraced with the excellent graphics to even care. Even so, the movie kept me fully captivated for ever second. It was so fast and always changing that you HAD to pay attention because if you didn't you'd miss out on some phenomenal details.

Speed Racer was a great movie for both the connoisseur and the young.

No matter what, Speed Racer will always keep me in awe of it's digitally enhanced wonder.

Now, let's get to business and talk about the actors. Of course Emile Hirsch was perfect to play the part of Speed! I mean look at those eyes!

And Don't forget Taejo Togokhan! He's played by the very lovely Rain, also known as Jung Ji Hoon, Ji Hun, or Jung Ji Hun. Phew that's a lot of names! I was surprised to see him in the movie because I generally only thought of him as a musician..... Either way he's probably one of the hottest Korean celebrities out there! Wait a second... I just remembered! He was in the movie, I'm a Cyborg but that's OK..... That was a sweet movie....

Anyways, before I get carried away by the overall hottness of Emile and Rain I'm going to go ahead and stop while I still can and announce IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SPEED RACER YET GO OUT AND WATCH IT. It's so totally worth it.


  1. awesome movie ! lOVED it! the best film of the summer, so far!

  2. It was awesome, the colors and the plot were great and everything about it had me at the edge of my seat!
    Also, Rain is the hottest Korean actor ever, I wish he would play in more. But I can't wait to see him in the upcoming Ninja Assassin movie!