Thursday, May 22, 2008

Because sometimes I like Chlorine

Well today was slightly eventful. At school we had our UIL pool party which was ok, but I didn't really like half the people there.

ABSOLUTELY NO SKATERS OMG! I'm serious. I don't think anyone of my skater friends were there..... that's sad. I was probably the only person there who listened to Dimmu Borger or Pantera.

Oh well, that tends to happen a lot. A LOT.

Also, I've decided to get a boob reduction as soon as possible. I really dislike it when guys stare at my chest openly without trying to hide it. It's totally not cool. I didn't ask to be cursed with a C cup, it just kind of happened, and I really don't like being stared at.

Afterwards I had to go to 8th period smelling like chlorine, and one of the peoples was acting awkward around yeah.

To top it all off I had to go to a TAB meeting. It was pretty informative, we received information for out murder mystery party. It's vampire themed. WE ALSO GOT A NEW GIRL.

Not to be mean about her, but my first judgment of her was anime nerd, and guess what? I WAS RIGHT. She's got braces, frizzy hair, glasses and a lisp. No offense, but she fits every category of nerd.

Now I feel horrible about saying that, but hey, this is an honest blog. On the bright side, she seems like a cool person to hang around with. Yeah..... prolly not to go to raves or dances with though.

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