Monday, May 5, 2008

The most indecisive person

Ever. On the face of the planet. Who, you ask?

Well if you must know it's a bookish quiet kid by the name of Alex Ball, or also known as Lib, or L.

For the past couple of days in art class we've been working on a personal collage and I've almost completed mine, but I still want to add things.

Anyways, we've spent two days collection things from various magazines and stuff, but Alex couldn't seem to find one thing.

I've always thought him to be a solitary person.....ya know the kind that just sits there, and is basically just a brain without stimulus.

But honestly! It's like he has no interests at all!
I know for a fact that he likes soccer, and he's really smart, but he has no favorite food, drinks, music, etc.

Believe me, I've asked, bugged, pestered to the end of oblivion, but still I cannot for the life of me figure this guy out! GYAH. It's so frustraiting at times that I just want to say, "To hell with this guy, he can go be a loner for all I care."

But then again, that's what makes this whole thing fun. Trying to figure out the
blank book. I will figure out who you are L. Even if I have to force you to figure that out for yourself. I will find out. Mark my words......

MWHAHAHAHAHAHA....... hehe yeah. Sorry about that. Haha since he couldn't find anything for himself i wen through all the magazines cutting things out for him that I thought he might like. Even if he doesn't like them it's not like he has a whole lot to work with....

My plan is to cut out so many ridiculous things that he'll finally pick something for himself to cut out. I'm pretty sure he won't want to put a Coca Cola Santa on his collage. Who knows? My plan may yet work if I keep at it.

Like I said, trying to figure this guy out is the most fun I've ever had in a while. He's so weird and mysterious.... either that or he's really just that boring of a person. Who knows?

Haha. Wow. I wonder what he'll be like next year? Hmmmmm...... Super Ryuuzaki!! Whoosh! Ah! Maybe he'll be like Lawliet (from
DeathNote) and be a super cool, yet quirky international detective! Oh wow that'd be cool....... Ok, well Alex, if your eyes ever come across this post I'm sure you'll be infuriated, embarrassed, over joyed, driven to tears by this whole ordeal.

Eh, you might just blankly stare at the screen giving a silent chuckle or groan going, "Gawd, will this chick ever give up?" But I don't know if you would use the term chick.... you don't seem like the type of guy to say something like that...
Er this is confusing, so I'm just going to stop this post before I go out of hand rambling about inner most thoughts that seemed to have commandeered my cranium.

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