Thursday, June 30, 2011

Websites that I like to peruse when I have an inkling of free time.

So it’s summer, and if you’re like me you’re stuck in this waiting mode because you’re schedule has these random gaps of free days. But have no fear! I’ve come to share some of my favorite websites that help me pass the time while I wait anxiously for my road trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love infographics. Wait, you don’t know what that is? (huge gasp!) let me enlighten you! An infographic is a hip, new way of relaying information in a user friendly and engaging format. Think of it as the less boring version of a powerpoint! <- a place you should check out if you want to be informed on random things.

Secondly, shout out to my girls! If you’re a guy you’ll probably want to avoid due to the fact that it might de-man you (what?). BUT if you’re a girl that likes cute videos, fashion tips, and articles written by Zooey Deschanel, then go directly to Hello Giggles. Now.

Also, I like perusing various design zines/blogs such as Grain Edit, Co.Design,and Design*Sponge. I get a lot of inspiration from these places, and I also amass a lot of envy for the brilliant minds that birthed those great ideas.

Another website I love is Lost at E minor. It sort of carries the theme of Good and some of the design websites I listed, but the amount of categories that it covers pertain more to art than other things. I don’t know. It just has a lot of cool things you can learn about like energy sustainable dance clubs and whatnot.

And of course I love reading your blogs (Aria, Lizzie, Natalie, Em, Drew, Christopher, Ed, Ashley, Eeshie, Ash and everyone else!)


  1. Is the first link related to magazine GOOD?

  2. These all sound super neat! I'm checking out Lost at E Minor as I write this. Oh, and thank you for the blog shout out. I love reading yours too, dear! :D

  3. gaps? maybe get a job
    and thanks for the shoutout

  4. @Ed I would, but my dad won't let me. It's a complicated subject.

  5. Oooooh Design*Sponge looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool.

    Thanks for the linking! It kind of made me happy to find out that people still read my blog :P