Sunday, June 12, 2011

Facebook "friends"

Ok, so the first screen shot wasn't so funny. In fact, it's kind of crappy that her ex-best friend stole her phone. But the other ones? Seriously people? Man, I'm glad that I'm not really friends with these people. In fact, I think the last person just added me because we had like 25 friends in common.


  1. I've come to accept that some of my friends are not very smart, especially when it comes to sharing things on the internet. I also dislike when I tell people I have a blog they get all "you're exposing yourself too much" and I ask them why posting pictures of you at parties holding beers is not too exposing.

    Yeah, I could rant about this. Perhaps I will in a future post, haha.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  2. they all look like theyre desperate for attention

  3. Oh god... yeah, about ninety percent of the people I'm friends with on Facebook I never talk to in real life and only added me cause we have mutual friends. And most of them exhibit this kind of behavior as well. Sigh. At least it can serve as some entertainment...

  4. hahaha i'm honored to have made your blog inadvertently.