Thursday, June 2, 2011

idgaf if I'm irrational

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a LONG time you might remember me mentioning Jacob Root. The guy who ruined my freshmen year of high school.

Well, in my attempt to move on with my life and forget about him I deleted him off of my facebook and avoided anywhere I heard he was working (he changes jobs quite frequently).

Yeah. The other day I commented on my friend Ting's photo and he had the nerve to say something to me on that picture. Sure, it wasn't agressive, but still---- I thought we had a silent agreement to never talk to each other ever again.

Ting is a big "vanity" picture taker, and me being the nice person I am, I commented on one of the 15 she had posted in the album. The anger I felt surge through me when I saw that he had purposefully gone out of his way to comment on the one picture I had commented on was immense.

I'm done avoiding him. I'm done not going to Starbucks with my friends just to avoid him. I'm done not going to Hastings just because he works there. If I see him a freaking Target so be it.

The fact that something as small as this upsets me... ah I'm angry at myself now.


  1. maybe youre overreacting

  2. @Ed, you haven't meant the guy...

    Ugh, I don't personally know the guy but he sounds so annoying. Gah! Just ignore, not avoid, ignore him. You're on Everest while he's working at Hastings. Get my point? You're going to be married to Anderson Cooper having the greatest life possible and he's going to be working at Hastings. Beh. Males.

    LLAP Love