Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm working... well, designing

Personally, if I'm doing something that I enjoy then I don't consider it work.

That's why I think all those random guys that yell "do work son!!" at each other all the time hate sex.....But yeah.

Since summer has started I've been slaving away at my computer doing (mostly) productive things in Adobe InDesign for next year's yearbook. Here are some rough page outlines/screenshots that I've made over the past 5 days. Tell me what you think. All the random boxes will be filled with pictures, also on the above spread, the grey will be a full page photo bleed. I have about 4 others, but they're either half done, or so.... I don't know--- not presentable that I decided not to waste your time by showing them to you. My Co-Editor Ashley and I were going for a Seventeen/Teen Vogue look that would be yearbook appropriate as well. Also, we don't really have a color scheme, but right now design wise I'm really digging deep reds, black, and white. All of the other colors are pretty much just for fun-sies.

Anyways, as I was scouring the web looking for fellow InDesigners I found this gem:

According to this I could fall under either painter, or graphic designer, depending upon my appetite.


  1. I LOVE your yearbook layouts!!! Our school's stunk this year, they were all the same exact template. Will you come to Michigan and teach my class a thing or two?

  2. looks good. youre talented

  3. @Boyd- Haha sure! Wait. I just realized that Michigan is like a gazillion miles north of Texas... Skype!

    @ed- Thanks :)

  4. Whoa, nice designs. They should def add some flair to your yearbook, for the better. Much better than the static panelling that's normally done in yearbooks these days...

    Nice work.

    I was just about to e-mail you that I think we should use reds and black!
    Omfgosh we are the same person!
    Btw did you get the sidebar I sent your?
    Fac-ET? Too confusing?

  6. Hhaha I got photo manipulator on your little quiz thingy.

    I love the yearbook layouts though! So cute and definitely appealing color wise. I can't wait to see what else you conjure up!

  7. I think you should come and design our yearbook while you're at it... :) Yours looks awesome, whereas ours was relatively lame. It was a 'superhero' theme which really just meant they stuck a bunch of Superman Clip-Art on random pages. And haha, according to that (considering I can't draw) I'm a Microsoft Painter.