Saturday, June 11, 2011

ACT done/New book

Ahhhh it feels nice to know that the last of my summer testing is over. The ACT was... ok. I found out that a lot of my friends are just now taking the ACT, like me.

I didn't feel as unprepared as I felt for the SAT. The science part though... That was just... UGH. I knew that it was going to be interpreting graphs, but seeing as how in my lab reports for physics I couldn't even put one together until second semester, it was pretty daunting.

But yeah. I'm just hoping I do well enough that I don't have to take it a second time. My friend Nathan half jokingly told people that he was going to take it another 3 or 4 times. I think I'll take it one more time, and then be done with it.

Anyways, yesterday I went to the library with my family so that my little brother and sister could see some little show that they were having. My brother was too little to sit through it so I took him and walked him around the library. I also quickly managed to snag a book to read. From the cover it looked like some modern Jane Austen spin off, but it happened to be a Jane Eyre modern spin off instead. With that said, it's not to bad of a book. I'm over halfway done, so hopefully I'll finish it up today.

I miss being able to read for fun. All the reading assignments I had at school really burnt me out of reading. I'm sort of dreading some of the books that I have to read over the summer, but hopefully they won't be too bad. Since two of them are non-fiction I at least won't have to sit through heaping paragraphs upon paragraphs of symbolism, character development, and extended metaphors.


  1. When I was in sixth grade and my brother was in seventh grade, some program allowed us and some other "gifted" kids take the ACT's, just for the heck of it.

    I failed, um, everything. Like, I got an 18%.

    However, my brother got like a 93%. At seventh grade. Holy moly.

    That little smartass...

    Ha ha. Kidding. Kind of. Actually, not even; he IS a smartass!

    I too am curious: What book?

  2. i have bad news, it only gets worse

  3. YAY FOR BEING DONE WITH ACT!! I'm sure you did splendidly. I'll probably take it one more time, too. (I took in April and got an okay score. Between 25-30 is my hint, haha.)

    I totally feel you. I missed being able to read for fun and now that I have all the time to, I love it.

    Take care.

  4. @Adrienne & Eeshie I'm having to read the books How To Read Books Like An English Professor and As I Lay Dying for AP English, and The Annotated Mona Lisa for AP Art History.

    @Eeshie WOW! Your brother is a genius!

    @Ed Well, I guess thanks for giving me a heads up?

    @Lizzie Between 25-30? That's not too bad if you're thinking about applying to a state college :) But yeah, reading for pleasure is the only thing keeping me sane while waiting to do everything.

  5. I'm not at all envious that you have to take both the ACT and the SAT...we only have to do the former in Michigan, and our school provides the test for us!

  6. My morning was also filled with wonderful ACT-ness. Hurrah. So happy... I didn't study at all so the science part was just like, oh... crap. I don't know. Hopefully it went okay because I don't think I want to ever take another standardized test EVER.

    I missed reading for pleasure so much as well! Now that it's summer I have a million books checked out at the library, but none of which are required reading books... oh well. I'll procrastinate that til later, naturally.