Monday, June 6, 2011

Living Sheltered

I'm quite lucky that I live in the area of Texas that I live in. We don't really have any natural disasters, unless you count a rainstorm every now and then that knocks over a few power lines. Seeing pictures like this from Iowa make me happy that nothing too big ever happens where I live. Well, other than the fact that Matthew McConaughey graduated from a rival school in my town. But that's about it.

Right now I feel like I'm just waiting for things to happen. I'm waiting to go to camp in Lousiana with my friend Hannah, I'm waiting to go to Florida, I'm waiting to visit a college in North Carolina, I'm waiting to finish up my last year of high school-----

With so much to look forward to I find it hard to live in the now.


  1. We are pretty lucky. And am I crazy or is this summer not like past ones? I'm bored. Then I'm busy. Normally I'm just bored...

    LLAP Love

    *Blogger is still glitching!

  2. I feel the same!
    I feel like there's nothing I could possibly do that would be significant than the things that I'm looking forward too that won't happen as soon as I want them too.
    (run-on!) Does that make since?