Friday, June 17, 2011

I need magazines.

My meeting with Ashley and Bailey went well. We discussed certain things, made great changes, gossiped about people that we didn't like, marveled at how the universe could give the nastiest, meanest, most annoying high maintenance girls boyfriends--- you know. Girl talk.

But anyways, I've been looking at different magazines for design ideas, however the only magazines at my house are some old Rollingstones from when I had a subscription, a few issues of Time and The Economist, and a truckload of Texas Monthlies.

I've gone through all of them.

I need more.

Hopefully next time I go to the store I'll remember to grab some magazines or something, because in about 2 weeks I will be meeting with Ashley and Bailey yet again to see what we've accomplished. Ashley and I set a personal goal of 5 designs to have done.

To make things awesomer, I found out that at I can't bring my laptop to camp because it's a lo-tech place, so 5 good workdays are now GONE. I'll make do though.

Now for something totally unrelated, the other day I was at the library and one of the librarians in the children's dept. was telling my friend Rebekka and I about a book that was pulled from the shelves the other day by some random mom who got her panties in a twist.

She was infuriated that the library had a book called My Two Dads, and demanded that it be removed. Last time I checked, she was in a PUBLIC library, using their resources for FREE. Man, nothing gets my panties in a bunch more than uber opinionated people that think that they set the standard for what is right. Just because she thinks that a cute little picture book about an adopted Asian girl and her two dads is going to corrupt her son and turn him gay, does not mean that she can just demand for a book to be removed. Did her money buy the book? No. The State of Texas bought it. Did she HAVE to check it out? No. Last time I checked she had enough autonomy to pick up a Bible and go on her merry way.

Anyways, the librarian told me that they're not removing the book. It's just up at the front desk right now, and bound to be re-shelved the next day.

I pride myself in being tolerant. If I have a problem with a person, it's usually pertaining to their personality, and not their race/religion/sexuality.

But how can you be tolerant of intolerant people? If you have a method aside from just peacefully smiling and saying, "Well, it's nice that you believe that..." then please, let me know.


  1. Good luck finding/getting magazines. I never buy any or otherwise I would suggest some.

    Ugh, I can't tolerate uber opinionated people either. Especially when it comes to books and banning of them. The jerks.

  2. No laptop for five days?! AHHH. Haha, I would not be pleased to not have five entire days of internet access. ;)

    RAWR. NATALIE ANGRY. NATALIE SMASH. I can't stand the whole idea of book banning. Exactly as you said, no one is forcing anyone to read it! So why ban it?! People can make their own decisions! There was a thing about book banning on the SATs, right?! Where the banners are like "ohhh well huhuhu hoity toity hohoho we're just doing it to make things morally right so our kids don't become horrible people (since being gay is just the worst thing that ever happened to anyone ever) by simply reading this book" and it's just SO STUPID. Just... jiogfjsiofjsdf. Thank goodness they did not actually remove it...

  3. this is why i dont live in the south

  4. Nice! Keep up the good work!