Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I should be doing other things

Like getting ready all the yearbook templates for when Ashley and Bailey and I get together tomorrow.

Or packing for camp which is on the 20th.

Or doing something with my hair which is slowly turning into dreadlocks via the neglect method.

But here I am, procrastinating as per usual.


The party was fun. I spent almost the entire time in the pool, and I chilled with Hannah, Christian, this guy who graduated last year, and Harrison, who likes to wear speedos.

To those who know me best, water is not my element. I can't do anything fancy, in fact I can't do anything aside float and tread water. And even then I'm crippled by the growing irrational fear that I could drown. I felt a little out of place because everyone there was on the swim team at one point.

Christian, who is a super cute, super fit guy with a thick foreign accent kept trying to convince me to dive in, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't convince me. Man. He was really cute. Hannah and I kept giggling when he wasn't paying attention because of this random girl that kept flirting with him. After the girl and her friend left the pool Hannah and I teased him and Harrison about how they were being flirted with, to which Harrison disagreed, stating that they were only flirting with Christian. Christian, wide eyed and confused said that it was merely everyday pool chat.

Haha, I'm sure for him it's pretty normal to be flirted with 24/7.

On the bright side, he was impressed with my vocabulary. And my knowledge of Post Modern art. HA!

Anyways, I left the party promptly at 9, but not before grabbing a piece of pizza. I was starving because no one else was eating. And I hate eating by myself.

AHHH.... I need to quit writing and put together my first aid kit for camp. No more procrastinating!


  1. Aww, it sounds like you had a good time! Fun stuff.

    The whole pool party thing reminds me of the last one I went to in 8th grade. One kid, mind you one I've known almost my whole life, said I looked sexy. Yeah, that was awkward. But probably the most memorable moment was when I went inside to try to get pizza...and ran into the sliding glass door. I was like one of those birds in a Windex commercial. Everyone doubled over in a fit of laughter and I had a knot on my forehead. Not before long did I start laughing too.

    Oh, those were the days.

    Anyway, congrats on flirting with a super cute guy! He sounds like a hot chunk of...hotness. haha.

    Enjoy camp! :)

  2. That sounds sweet!! It would have been awkward to have been the only non-swimmer there, though.

    My word verification is "gamma." I felt the need to share that.

  3. 9 sounds early, looks like you had a good time