Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have you seen this movie?

As of late I've been on this intense Matt Damon/Leonardo DiCaprio kick(The Departed was like a dream come true when it first came out) and I've been watching all of the older films they've been in. This past week I watched Good Will Hunting and Gangs of New York. I think I watched GNY when I was 11, and hadn't seen it since. Watching it 6 years later is like reuniting with an old friend that I used to secretly hang out with.

I just noticed that most of my favorite American films all have 3 major things in common: The Irish, The Mafia, and buckets of violence. Hmmm...

Anyways, if you're into the aforementioned type of movies then watch Gangs of New York, and then while you're at it watch the The Boondock Saints
Yeah. Quality movies right there. Screw the Titanic and Kate Winslet's driftwood hogging ass.


  1. I only made it about halfway through this social studies teacher loaned it to my mother and I, but I was frightened away by the fact that the DVD had 2 separate discs.

    Have you read that the one dude in it (the guy in the front of the screenshot of the video you posted...I don't recall his name) totally immersed himself into his character before and during filming? Like, he walked around in period clothing and started fights for no reason and whatnot.

  2. @Boyd That doesn't surprise me. Daniel Day Lewis is a bit quirky like that. His preformance in this movie though was excellent!

  3. loved it, especially the butcher. i think the movie was historically accurate too