Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The last day of school

I'm now a senior. Sadly, I don't feel that different or magically changed or anything. It might have been because my grandma spent Memorial Day weekend with us and made the entire house (or perhaps just me) tense.

Ah, well she's gone now. Today I showed up at school for attendance and then took pictures. The end.

Perhaps I should elaborate.

For the past few weeks I have been working on these two mosaic benches (with an inconsistent myriad of other people) doing everything from scratch including making the patterns, cutting the glass, gluing them down, grouting them, cleaning, etc. Not only was it a long process, it was also very painful. While I should have been wearing gloves, I worked commando due to the fact that 1)My school was too cheap to provide any gloves, and 2)I don't like wearing things on my hands. at. all.

Needless to say I have many cuts and tiny minuscule shards of glass in my hands. Did you know that hand sanitizer is the devil incarnate? No? Well now you know. I was kind of stressed throughout the whole process because Miranda, the other half of our two person team left before even half of it was done, and I had to rely on the help of random stragglers that passed through the art room and felt pity for me and my (literally) bloody hands.

Anyways, I did it pro bono (I was roped into it because volunteering is my kryptonite) for the Sunshine Committee, which is a bunch of ladies at my school that ensures that everyone who is retiring receives a party and gift. Both benches are going to retiring English teachers, and one of them happened to be my AP English teacher this year. Oh how my hands burn in agony D':

But look at how pretty they turned out!

I couldn't bear not taking a picture of my pride and joy before they were being given away. Ah well, they're in a happy place now, probably beside a pool being fondled by grandchildren.

But yeah, after I took the pictures I had some time to kill so I made giant origami cranes. No really, they were pretty giant.

And then when I went home I checked my email and found this:

I am one happy camper. No I take that back, I actually hate camping because of the likelihood of having bugs crawl into my tent and onto me.

I am one happy.... hiker.


  1. Those benches are INCREDIBLE!!!! I'm alway amazed at the amazingness people do, like it's no big thang. :)

  2. I agree with Boyd. THOSE BENCHES ARE AMAZING. They're quite gorgeous. And beautiful. And so, so colorful. Vivid. I could go on.

    And yes. That is one giant paper crane. … Me like.

    I'm annoyed that you guys have had your last day already … while I have to wait until June freaking 278th. WAH!

    I'm really really really really really really eager to see how the Cake video turns out.

    Happy hikers – UNITE!

  3. YAY SENIORS! High five. :D I saw the photos of those mosaic benches on Facebook. They are so gorgeous! I can only imagine how much work went into them, and it must be somewhat bitter sweet to see them going away... though rewarding too. I want one, haha! Also, awesome giant-ass crane. And I'm glad everything with the video is a-okay!

  4. @Boyd- Aw shucks!

    @Eeshie- Hang in there! BTW, since you're getting out so late when do you go back to school? Also, those adjectives made me swell with pride.

    @Natalie- Me too! Hopefully I can post the video soon! I'm sure they have a lot of editing to do though....

  5. We go back to school around September 7th. Why? When do YOU guys go back?

    *scared to hear the answer*


  6. @Eeshie I go back to school August 23rd :/ However, we get out in May, so it's not that bad.

    @K.P. Sadly, I am not that cool to the kids at my school :/

  7. I certainly find your bench-making skills admirable. Congratulations!

    However... don't hikers camp as well?


  8. @Lewis Well not always. Sometimes they just take their Subaru out for the day and drive back to a hotel Marriot and whatnot after they're done with nature.