Friday, April 30, 2010

Should I be upset? No.

I feel justified.

No, better yet, I feel free of any attachments I ever had to Root.

For the longest time I had been convincing myself that even though he is a major douche at times, he was still the "principled, wickedly intelligent guy that could inflict the carnage of a machine gun with his words."

Principled? Maybe. I found out that he's been "seeing" this freshman at my school, but not dating her due to the fact that he's turning 20 in the fall. I don't know.... I guess he's going to wait for her to grow up? Meanwhile she's apparently not waiting because she's slept with a handful of guys since they've been "seeing" each other. Kudos to him if he hasn't slept with her yet! According to the dictionary principled is defined as: imbued with or having moral principles. The question is, what is his personal definition of morality? Knowing him it would have to do with something involving Kant. Lucky for him Kant never mentioned anything about loose party girls, so I think Root's sense of morality isn't on the fritz.

Wickedly intelligent? Perhaps, but his choice in girls makes me want to question his true intelligence. I wonder if he knows that this girl, who most likely only wants to make him her flavor of the month, is seeing someone else on the side....? In fact, before she goes out to party on the weekends she most likely spends time cuddling with her current boy toy. This week it's a freshman boy in my spanish class. He's sweet. I wonder if he knows that Root is "seeing" her. Root has a plethora of knowledge at his disposal to dispense and share at his whim. That being said, why can't he find a nice, respectable, non-skanky girl to be with?

Now onto his skill in rhetoric. Root could easily sway whatever opinion I have, but now? Knowing that even he is susceptible to skanky party girls just makes me want to laugh. He always walks around with an air of "I'm going somewhere in life, I am greatness unfolding before you," and I laugh now to think that he is the one for once, being played. His words could lead a revolution, but with a not-so pristine reputation of partying and "seeing" skanky underaged girls.... Well you get the picture.

He likes to talk big, act like he's making a difference, when in reality he's just some party boy in between the stages of growing up. He could be a genius, he could be the next great orator, but I doubt he has the follow through and drive for that. I used to put him on a pedestal in my mind, holding myself up to his vague preset standards of where I should be in my life, but that's over now.

The thing that makes me the happiest about this revelation is the fact that I am now justified in my disdain for him. He is no longer someone I wish to emulate or draw inspiration from. I once said that I could listen to him talk for hours and stand inspired and moved to create, but now knowing where that mouth has been? No thank you. I'll find myself another muse skilled in the art of rhetoric and rebellion.


  1. 人必須心懷希望,才會活的快樂,日子才過得充實,有意義,有朝氣,有信心。........................................

  2. We've all got the times we idolize someone and then that crafted persona comes crashing down on us and we have to face them for what they really are... I'm sorry you had to do it that way though >_< Man, guys who "see" skanky girls but try to retain a dignified air make me laugh. I can't see you as intelligent when your choice in women is so idoiticly desperate!