Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Systematic Malfunction<-

Ok, before I start my daily rant I'm going to list the things that I have accomplished today.
  1. Finished the TAKs reading test without freaking out.
  2. Went to the public library.
  3. Hugged the ever mysterious L.
  4. Actually hung out after school.

So yeah. WARNING don't read the rant if you're going to be a pissy little whiny butt. You people know who you are. Don't msg because you don't understand anything, because your not supposed to.


Go away.

I wish I new how to make this post private.

If you know how to tell me.

Have you ever done anything so stupid that you wished you could sink into the cracks in the pavement? Of course you have, everyone has.

My situation is like: A person is given a book, but they know if they read it they'll probably destroy it because they're really irresponsible. They aren't in denial of that fact, so instead of abusing it they give it away to someone else, but the person they gave it too wasn't really using the book to it's full advantage, and in all honesty wasn't really enjoying it. What should the person do? They can't take back the book without looking bad....

ARG I'm really stupid. I get mad over stuff like broken pencils and books.....maybe it's pms......hmmmmmm I dunno......

Oh well. People should get over themselves.

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