Monday, March 17, 2008

my Mom is crazy

My mom is crazy.

It's officially official. She's hit the bottom.

Sunday, I slept in because no on woke me up for church (not that I'm complaining) and I ended up waking up around 11:00.

I had no TV, no computer, and I had read ALL 4 of my books. I was BORED.

Earlier in the weekend I told mom that If I was bored I was going to go out walking. Most likely she wasn't paying attention to me yet again, and just forgot that I even said anything.

Well, on Sunday I was bored, plus it was nice outside. So after my shower I went outside to walk to Lauren's house. I met up with Cannon and Adam, but before I left the yard I ran back inside to leave a note.

In my note I specifically said I was going to go walk around Lauren's house,and I gave the note to my grandmother, who was to give it to my mom. I left around noon.

I walked around a bit and watched for her car, and in all, I was only out for about an hour, if not less.

When I got home my mom was hysterical! She had called my dad up, and said that someone had picked me up, and that he knew where I was.

She said that she had no idea where I was, and that I didn't tell her where I was going.

When I got home I didn't know who she was on the phone with, but she had my note in her hands.

According to my stepmom, she didn't say one word about me leaving a note, but instead just accused them of picking me up and taking me away.

Can you say crazy? Uh huh. Yeah. And people wonder why I don't want to be around her.

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