Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finally time to turn over a new leaf

Yes, I'm going to stop with my nonsense short posts, and start filling my blog posts with actually meaning and whatnot.

Expect to get angry, happy, and all around annoyed by my quirky randomness.

Now, today's subject. Easter

Dun Dun Dun.

I don't think most little kiddies know this, but the holiday was originally a pagan holiday for fertilization.

That's why the Easter Bunny is so famous. 'cause ya know when bunnies get down, they get DOWN. They have tons of little baby bunnies scampering off here and there, basically everywhere.

And you know the Eggs? Yeah. Not so innocent. Hello? Eggs, fertilization, dare I say sperm?

My mind has been poisoned long ago, so the spirit of it has been ruined. And yes, I'm probably ruining it for you now, if I haven't already gotten to you at school. I preach the condensed version of the truth!

So next time you're sitting at church on Easter Sunday, or enjoying a nice chocolate shaped egg, just think that this holiday was about reproduction and making babies. :]

Image courtesy of NatalieDee

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