Monday, March 24, 2008

It's not so pleasant, and oh so conventional.

Yes, folks I'm back.

Today was B O R I N G.

So much so I took to picking and chipping off my nailpolish.

It's very entertaining if you have nothing else better to do.

L is back, and I think Nichole and I have annoyed him to his limit. Haha oh well.

Today's subject is (drumroll): Alan Rickman!

Woo! He's so cool right?
Well you might not think so, but he has a bajillion fans that think different.

I think he's most famous for being Snape from Harry Potter, Colonel Bradley from Sense and Sensibility, and that one villan dude from Die Hard...mann I can't remember his name....darn.

Oh well. He's really awesome! Too bad he didn't start his acting career earlier in life :[ I know he's done a whole bunch of plays, but you can't look up youtube videos for plays that someone did before they were globally famous. Oh well. There'll always be the pictures and films :]

Also did you know he was in graphic design? Yeah he's really cool like that.

BTW, like the new layout??

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