Monday, March 3, 2008

Another convo from IM between me and Beka beta

Ok, I admit that I've been really lazy.... Oh well.

It's not my fault I'm too lazy to type about the going's on in my life.

Haha well enjoy this little convo between me and Bekka you freaks.

Btw, stop with the emails, msg through myspace please.
haha ok due to personally conflicting info, I decided to cut part of the beginning and ending of this IM segment.

raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 08:59 PM): hmmm i like it Awesome background btw
blueinu: (04/01/2008 08:59 PM): fank you
blueinu: (04/01/2008 08:59 PM): it was made from scratch
blueinu: (04/01/2008 08:59 PM): haha
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:00 PM): Do you realize how creative you are Lizzi? You could do WONDERS for the yearbook designing....*hint hint* you should apply for designing
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:00 PM): um no
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:00 PM): they look crappy you could make it cool
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:00 PM): sorry I don't conform with people like them
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): Exactly?
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): why would I want the yearbooks to be cool?
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): sry
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): for memories!!!!
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): And something to have fun with
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): they're supposed to be an embarrasing depiction of our school years
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:01 PM): And plus people in there don't like me
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): You've follwed tradition for TOO LONG lets make the yearbooks cool for once
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): SO? when has that bothered you?
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): I can only be so passive
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): before I start to pick fights
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): oh
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:02 PM): i see
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:03 PM): like my science class has been hard and on a bad day, has almost sent me over the edge
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:03 PM): *has vision of you cutting off girl's hair and kicking every preppy guys balls until they beg for mercy on their knees while ur laughing maniacally*
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:04 PM): yes exactly
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:04 PM): whats wrong with ur science class?
blueinu: (04/01/2008 09:04 PM): Ah, you don't know who's in there?
raindropofsilence: (04/01/2008 09:04 PM): nope I'm bored.

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