Saturday, March 15, 2008

Icky the one saturday i despise

have you ever felt so lazy an tired because of the environment you're in?

If you have then you probably would understand what I'm going through right now at my mom's house. It sucks so badly, and look what my horoscope was for today!

Daily Horoscope Overview Saturday, March 15, 2008
You are forced to spend time with someone you don't much care for, but it's not like a prison sentence. You just need to grin and keep your spirits as high as possible -- things should resolve quickly.

hilarious right? I thought so.... Good Scotts I hate being here. It sucks. There's nothing to do but sleep, read, and more sleep. I can't even get a decent hour online without being kicked off because of my mom's retarded computer which I have tried to fix, but it's been screwed with too many times. Oh well griping won't get me anywhere. I'm off to clean through her system, and try to delete all the things that are slowing her system down.

AH, look at the pretty picture of Forks, Washington. It's so nature-y.

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