Sunday, March 2, 2008

An old convo between me and Bekka beta

So yes, this proves how much of a nerd I am.

I was going through all my IM files when I stumbled upon a piece of this convo that me and Bekka had.

It's nothing personal, just some stupid stuff....haha
I had to cut off the first part of the convo. because it was personally binding.

Hehe enjoy you little freaks. :] (btw I'm Blueinu)
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:14 PM): naw, i got distracted
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:14 PM): dangit its ALL UR FAULT LIZZI
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): to busy of thinking of way to tourture people
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): cool beanz....what ever happened to the torture device me and Hannah found??
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): caleb still has it
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): lol
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): dude
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:15 PM): what??
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:16 PM): he wants to use it as a grappling hook
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:16 PM): ....that thing? lol good luck with that
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:16 PM): it won't hold him up if he tries to lol
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:16 PM): hack waaaachoooooooo
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:17 PM): AHH! bless you :D
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): Lizzi? I see a mistake...a big one
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): u there? gah!
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): yes
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): what did I do??
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): tell me!!
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): gah
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): I'm horrible
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:27 PM): okay...wait!!!! hold on NO UR NOT
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): GYAH
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): SHUTUP FOR A SECOND AND LET ME THINK
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): ok
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): GYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): -freaks out-
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): *wince* sorry just give me a moment. Its not horrible
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): -freaks out even moreee-
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:28 PM): GAH STUDMUFFIN
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): okay I have a very important question.
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): was it the forest scene
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): chomp
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): yes
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): GYAH
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): i think
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): okays
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): HOLD ON
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): it's the thing I winged
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:29 PM): cha!
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): Its when Jake has to go meet Sam, Alice, Emmett, Rosaile, and Vera
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): *Rose
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): hold on
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): brb
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): is that the part you winged?
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): potty
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): kk
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:30 PM): lol
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:32 PM): PHEW
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:32 PM): you made me freak out for nothing
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:32 PM): I seriously am sorry though
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:32 PM): GYAH
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:33 PM): and to think i had bladder problems over this
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:33 PM): however even if you DID make a mistake...we would have fixed it so NO need to get bladder problems over it.
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:34 PM): well whateves
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:34 PM): haha
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:35 PM): Its just when you said in the story that Jake had to run to meet them cuz Seth was borrowing his car for driving lessons....i thought you meant in wolfy form. Then later when Vera is tackled it says that Jake transforms and then he ripped his pants to shreds. I was confused and thought he had already ripped the pants.....and BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH im sorry
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:35 PM): haha that's ok
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:35 PM): i thought you left a big part out lol
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): naw,
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): BOOBIES
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): hahahahahahaha
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): hahahahahahahahahaaa
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:36 PM): hahahahahahaha
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:37 PM): lol! ok if you want me to get any beta work done before i have to go to bed then stop distracting me with funnt retarded crap that makes me crack up!
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:37 PM): *funny
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:41 PM): i see a mistake ( i think)
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): GYAH!
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): what is it?
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): -freaks out-
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): NO O NOT FREAK OUT JUST ANSWER ME 1 QUESTION
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): -again-
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): *DO
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:42 PM): BLADDER PROBLEMS!
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:44 PM): On the part where some of the cullens are holding down the femal vampire...and Jake bounds off in the other direction it says that Vera is trailing behind him. But, then when Alice is talking to the female vampire she points to Vera who is visibly shaken and was just standing there.....DIDN'T SHE GO WITH JAKE?
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:44 PM): yes, shes followed Jake, who has gone over to where Alice is
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): I thought she ran off but it says "Vera was visibly shaken by the whole experience, and was only able to stand there with a blank look on her face." ??
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): jake runs in the opposite direction away from sam
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): OHHHHHHH
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): oops
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): sorry
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): *again*
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): yeah but she follows him like a zombie
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): waaaa i need flesh!
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh....not all awesome and actiony?
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:45 PM): -zombie chomp-
raindropofsilence: (02/29/2008 09:46 PM): wtc? you ok there Lizzi?
blueinu: (02/29/2008 09:46 PM): need human flesh and BRAINS!

So yeah that's just us on IM......... Hope that entertained you....

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