Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quality Material.

I had some fun today going fishing, and I actually caught a fish! Yes!

Now on with today's subject : Personality Flaws

Yes, I'll probably regret posting this, but it had to be done. Don't worry, I won't drop names. Here, I'll even make it even by doing my flaws first. Also, no I'm not talking about you!! and I mixed up some of the qualities. I'm basing this off of roughly 20 people, guys and girls.

Me, Lizzi:

I'm a severely judgmental person, and once my respect for you is lost ur pretty much screwed in my book. I enjoy awkward moments, and I can be very selfish at times. I'm really blunt and mean, and I come off as offensive a lot. I'm not afraid to argue with anyone, even if I'm wrong. Hugs are not my thing, and I try to be as emotionally detached as possible when it comes to people. I think with my brain more than I do my heart.


Friend 1: She's awesome, but sometimes I think she's acting fake nice. I see her do it all the time and it bugs me. Plus she's kinda spoiled. It's like she gets everything she wants handed to her and she never gets in trouble.

Friend 2: You're a buttface plain and simple. The only reason why you're my friend is because we have a lot in common.

Friend 3: You're kinda....clueless. It kinda sucks when you brake up with you're BFs because most of the time I'm friends with them, and you don't like it when I talk about them, but it's killer on me because your ex is MY friend. It just gets kinda frustrating that I have to watch my words in order to accommodate your feelings.

Friend 4: HOLY COW. It's like you're constantly on your period! Is that even possible?

Friend 5: You're kinda annoying, and you flirt with guys I like. Need I say more?

Friend 6: It's like you're always wrapped up in a guy who is WAY outta your league! I don't want to be mean by saying that you'll never have a chance compared to other girls, but I bite my tongue just to be nice.

Friend 7: You need to take a chill pill. You're always stressed, or depressed, or on the verge of committing suicide. GAWD. Just hearing you complain makes me wanna die. The sad thing is, you've got nothing to complain about! You're home life is ok (believe me, I KNOW) you've never been raped, assaulted, abused, or anything. AND you refuse to get counseling! How else are you supposed to fix yourself?

Ok, maybe I went to far? Hey, it had to be done.

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