Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eww. Today's subject is: People.

What is there to say other than bad stuff? Well, sometimes people can be cool and nice, but most of the time they are just plain nasty.

However, I do enjoy on the rare occasion of meeting new people, but as said above many of them are severely nasty.

When I moved to my new school I knew no one in any of my classes. My first friend was this spastic bubbly girl named Samantha. She kinda scared me at first because she was really smiley and all that, yet overall she proved to be a great friend :]

I still see her on the occasion at school even though we've drifted off to different social circles.

Also, another person I met when I moved to my school was this nasty stuck up girl. I won't say her name, welll I'll give you the first letter: H. yeah let's call her H. GOSH SHE WAS THE MOST STUCK UP PERSON EVER.

Yeah, I see her more often than I'd like too because I have advance classes, but oh well. If she want to be a snob, all the power to her.

Let's see how that works out later on in life. I know I can't say much because I'm kind of mean to people too, but at least I don't think I'm better than them. Gawd it's like H. thinks she a descendant of royalty of something....maybe she was related to some has-been soap opera star? I don't know.

I just wish people like her would take the time to remove the sticks from up their butts. And in her case it's a tree branch.

Haha, wow that was mean, but it's the truth. I speak the condensed version of the truth, remember?

There are a lot of people at my school with sticks up their butts who are so judgmental it's not even funny. It's like they only see two categories: Smarty/Preps Others.

A lot of my firends consist of the latter category, but most of them a relatively smart, many having advance classes.

Also, the stick up their butt people only view people like me as goths. WTF? Just because I hate A&E, Abercrombie, and Hollister, and I shop at Hot Topic doesn't mean I'm a Goth Emo kid. Just because I think differently doesn't mean they have the right to judge me.

I tried to be nice at first, but I have a short grace period, In fact, I base my opinions on the first week I meet them.

They think I'm mean? Well they should try being nice and tolerant. Gawd know I am to them. Especially in one of my B day classes.

gosh. Also they should stop judging my friends. Especially Stormy. I swear. She has to go through most of her classes with people like Nathan in them.


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