Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrifting is fun

On Saturday I embarked upon a wonderful adventure with my friend Rebekka. Our original plan was to hit up an Estate sale and various scattered garage sales, but when you live in a town like mine, there isn't anything too special waiting to be "discovered" from the yards of our fellow townspeople. So we made a plan B and just hit up various thrift/antique places around town.
Overall we went to 3 shops, and even managed to swing by our local art museum. It was really fun, despite the scorching weather. No, really it was 102 degrees and sunny--- so you can imagine the heat index was more like 105.

The first place we went to was just your average thrift store. I ended up scoring a VHS of Pocahontas. I had a copy when I was little that I would watch OVER AND OVER until parts of it skipped so bad that you couldn't even see what was going on. Anyways, I would have much preferred a copy of it on DVD, but I'm cool with a VHS copy-- I mean it was only $1.99! While we were there we discovered this lounge/couch thing that was straight out of the 80s.
When I lifted up the cushion the wicker underneath was all duct-taped together, and clearly on it's last legs. It was only $6! What a steal! *sarcasm*
A record player straight out of the late 70s, early 80s! And look at me and all my no-make up glory! Shameless. Actually, there was pragmatic strategy behind my actions believe it or not. I knew that if I did indeed wear make up I would just sweat it off in the heat, so in order to save myself from looking like my face had melted off I settled for the au-natural look. And I was lazy.
Later on we went to this place called Betty's Antiques and it was HOT inside. It was really awesome though because it was this giant wearhouse stacked floor to ceiling with the coolest stuff you could imagine. It reminded me a bit of Wearhouse 13, but none of the stuff was paranormal... or at least I hope not. There were a lot of dream catchers, so who knows!
The entire place was jam packed and you had to squeeze your way into certain areas and there were books EVERYWHERE. I snagged a book club edition of Stephen King's Dead Zone for $3! I've already started the process to hollow it out.

Anyways, since then I've cleaned my grandparent's house (which honestly wasn't that bad) and met with Ashley to discuss yearbook things. I'm leaving for Universal Studios soon, so I really need to be packing and whatnot...

btw, Rebekka took all of these cool pictures!


  1. Sounds like a really cool thrift store (: I wish they had something like that around here.

  2. Sounds fun! xD

    Though...that place looks like it would smell dusty. >.<

  3. I love thrift shops! We have some here in my country, but they're not as good as the ones abroad. Oh no dear, I wasn't offended with anything that you post. Some people just really won't stop from saying mean things. But thanks for the count of support, really means a lot :) Me too, when it gets too hot, I prefer to have nothing on my face. Fresh face always works better than smudged make ups. Hihi

  4. Hi!! Ooh thank you so much for answering, I'll definitely check it out, but since its adobe it'll probably cost so much!! :s

    Thanks :)