Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I do when I have the house to myself.

Rain Update: It rained again the next day! And it was sprinkling lightly this morning! Personally I hate walking in the rain, but since we don't have a fence around my yard and my dog can jump out of his 4ft high pen my sister and I rotate the days we walk him. However it's been so dry and miserable as of late that I'm actually willing to go outside and get a little wet. All of our umbrellas have either disappeared or been chewed up by my dog so I've just been using a hoodie to keep myself dry. Yesterday a rain shower caught me off guard and I didn't feel like walking back inside to grab my hoodie so I just toughed it out and walked around with my dog until he felt content. Not smart. After about a minute or so I was thoroughly drenched and to top it off I was unaware that I was wearing a white t-shirt until a truck full of Mexicans and their lawn gear drove by and shouted and whistled at me. Yeah. Thwarted by the white t-shirt yet again.

And now for the scheduled post:

I like being home alone. Well, I'm not really alone because I have my dog, but still. Today I started my day by drinking chilled water and watching Law and Order: SVU all by myself. And then I took a LONG nap without any judgement or accusations of being anti-social.

Periodically I walk my dog and secretly let him off the leash to roam as he wishes. No matter what time it is, if I feel motivated I make yummy food for myself including, but not limited to: plum cake, french toast, omelets, pasta with homemade sauce--- all made from scratch. I'm thinking about making crepes later tonight, but I'm having difficulty deciding on a filling... Or I might just wait until tomorrow morning and do a fresh fruit filling.

I crank up my music and bellow out with Adele, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Gwen Stefani--- really I sing anything I halfway know the words to. I sing in the living room/kitchen though so I can keep an eye on the driveway. My dad has an erratic work schedule and I want to avoid any awkwardness.

Speaking of awkwardness I hate wearing bras. So I usually ditch them and go about my daily activities carefree and unrestricted. Sometimes I secretly do this, but I wear a baggy shirt or thick sweater so no one can tell, but when I'm alone? I just wear a regular shirt. I like to equate the feeling to "free balling". Oh is it glorious.

Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly productive I draw an herbal bath for myself and read a few books or so.

I really enjoy having the house to myself. I know that what I do is a little cliche and not at all daring or risque, so what about you guys? I sincerely hope none of you kill hookers.


  1. Being home alone is so amazing...I love blasting my music loud, and I love turning my guitar up to 11 :)

  2. Definitely something to look forward to, being home alone