Thursday, July 7, 2011


I’ve been crafty lately! Yesterday I found this really awesome DIY for how to make a hollow book. Whenever I get excited about something I usually have a “right now” mentality, plus when I get that excited I tend to have a one track mind. Yesterday morning I gathered up all of my supplies and got to work, wanting to finish the book as soon as possible. On the DIY guide it said that it would take upwards to two nights to cut out all the pages, but since I’m also impatient I got in done in less than 2 hours. Did I mention that I was watching Scott Pilgrim vs.
The World while I was working?
Sure, if I was a perfectionist I would have spent more time meticulously cutting out the pages making sure that there weren’t many raggedy edges, but hey I’m not. After I was done cutting out the pages I sanded the edges slightly to make it look a little better. And I kind of like the raggedy edge feel. It took me forever to find a book that I was willing to cut up, but I finally settled on this old withdrawn library book that I rescued a year ago.
The book is about Buddhism, and it came from a tiny library in my dad’s hometown. I’m a bit sad that I sold a lot of my hardcover books a few weeks ago, but I think I might go thrifting for more hardcover books this weekend. -Look at all those pages! It didn’t really take that long to cut out all the pages, but then again I didn’t really do it too neatly. Honestly the thing that was the most time consuming was waiting for all of the glue to dry that’s holding the pages together.
Aaaaand it’s done! I put some patterned paper in the back to make it look prettier. I don’t really know what I’m going to use it for yet… I guess if any burglars come to my house they won’t be able to steal my quarters and gift cards??
Or I could use it to store all of my trinkets and sparkly things! I don’t know. I’ll probably just use it to sneak beef jerky into my AP Economics class next year. It’s not really deep enough to hide anything aside from candy or money. Oh well, at least I finally have one! I’ve always wanted one, but I didn’t want to buy the crappy fake looking wooden ones and I really didn’t feel like paying $15-$45 for one on Etsy (plus shipping?!) because, well, I’m a Frugal Fran. However, if I did have the cash I would probably splurge on this flask shaped one, even though I don’t have a flask :/
The next time I make one I'll probably spend more time on it so it doesn't look so raggedy.


  1. WHOA THAT IS SO COOL! I want to make one now. :D I will make it my project to do over the weekend, once I find a book to demolish.

    And, hahaha... "I’ll probably just use it to sneak beef jerky into my AP Economics class next year." Good plan.

  2. Those are amazing. I'm with Natalie, I want to make one now! The blog with the instructions is bookmarked and everything. This also reminds me that I want to go thrifting sometime soon.

    What did you think of Scott Pilgrim?

  3. @Natalie Make one!! It's so easy, and somewhat self gratifying.

    @Lizzie Go for it! Thrifting is one of my passions. I love it. Also, Scott Pilgrim was a good adaptation of a comic book. I found both Scott and Ramona's characters a little annoying, but I really liked the filmography. Sorry if I'm being ambiguous. I guess what I'm trying to say is I liked the film overall, but mainly because of the way it was packaged.

  4. I've seen a similar item in here and I thought it was brilliant! When I was in High School, phones weren't allowed because according to school rules, they were just distractions. But since I wanted to bring my phone with me, I cut the insides of my Algebra book so that when there's inspection, I can hide my phone in there. Hahaha. Seeing this post reminded me so much of my HS <3

  5. At least you're not hiding a flask of whiskey in a hollow Holy Bible.

    This is such a cool idea. I could never do that to a book, though. I'd be sobbing and apologising the whole time. It would be like torturing a kitten.

    I still have yet to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.