Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Wall, and more designs.

I know guys, how have I not posted a picture of all of the wonderful things I have on my wall?! Oh wait... you don't care?
Oh well. Let me be delusional in the fact that you actually do indeed find my wall hangings interesting. A few days ago I had the pleasure of spending time with one of my friends home from college for the summer. Excited about getting another opinion about my designs I whipped out my humongo laptop and showed him the different templates I had made thus far and he was silent for a little while.
I was a little freaked out by the lack of commentary until he looked up at me and said, "Dude. All of your picture placements look like your wall. You know, the one next to your bed?"

I felt a little silly for not noticing this sooner, but at least I know that my design habits are consistent. Sidenote: please don't judge me for the Prom movie poster. I'm a girl.

And now we're at the part of the post where I dump three more template designs on you guys. As per usual, I put some pictures in to help simulate what the book would look like with images.

Yeah. I tried designing some sports templates, but they didn't really turn out the way I wanted them to. And I couldn't even finish one due to the fact that I was so fed up with it. I'm sure Ashley will have no problem whipping up a few for the yearbook :) Ah it's so nice to have a Co-Editor to help design things!


  1. I am interested in seeing your wall! :D It looks super neat to me... and I spy the mini poster from the post the other day, hehe! I used to have a bunch of stuff on my wall like that until I got mad at it and tore it all down...

    OOH. I really like the "Revel With A Cause" and "Flying Higher" templates!

  2. Hi!! Question, with what program did you create the templates?? They look really cool, and I've been looking for a program to do something similar.

    Thank you very much,