Saturday, July 2, 2011

Acting out

I did it.

I finally cut my own hair. Sure to most of you people cutting your hair is nothing amazing, but to me, someone who's only ever cut their own hair once (when I was five) this is a big act of rebellion.

It's always been an unspoken rule in my house that Hair + Scissors = a lot of trouble. But after the day that I had, I had to do something to make myself feel better. As most of you know, my grandma is still staying with us until the 4th and her negativity has not only rubbed off on my sister, but my stepmom as well. This morning she jumped on EVERY little thing I said including harmless smalltalk. Needless to say I just didn't talk the rest of the day.

After lunch my sister abruptly left to go to her friend's house, leaving me with the brunt of our chores. Add to that, my grandma is constantly nagging me about stuff that's not even important. Honestly, she's always eavesdropping and everything she says is either rude, completely gross, or irrelevant. Sometimes it's all three.

SO. In light of those events I decided to do something for myself to let off some steam. It's been a good 6 months to a year since I got my last hair cut, and my hair has been riddled with split ends. No lie, about 3 inches of my hair was nothing but split ends.

My hair had been bugging me since April, and it was never the "right time" to get my hair trimmed so finally I just got fed up today and resolved to do something. After I cleaned up dinner I grabbed the scissors from my art supplies, locked the bathroom door, and hacked off a good 2 1/2-3 inches of my hair. I feel great. I didn't want to do anything to make my parents even more tense than they already are, so I decided against doing anything too outrageous. Plus, I doubt they'll even notice. My sister might, but definitely not my dad.

My family has been making jokes about how they can't wait for me to go to college so they can have me out of the house, and honestly I feel the exact same way at this point. I mean, when I leave I'll miss my baby brother and my dog, but will I miss all the crap they give me? Heck no. I can take criticism from my dad and stepmom, but when anyone else in my family (especially my 13 year old sister) criticizes me I get upset because I don't feel like they have any right to give me crap when I can't return the favor without being "disrespectful".

But hey, only a year more to go until college, and at least my hair feels healthy again! I'm just going to continue to lay low (family wise) and keep on doing little things to stay positive. :)


  1. You should post a picture!! Cutting your own hair was an awesomely bold form of release.

  2. I agree with Boyd, post a picture! I could never, ever cut my own hair. It's probably one of my biggest fears. Back in 8th grade, though, this kid Daniel cut off some of my hair in the back. He made me a duck tape rose to "apologize." Unfortunately for him, though, his mother also happened to be my math teacher and I had fun telling her what happened.

    My word verification is biqual. Interesting.

  3. That's certainly a constructive way to let off steam! At least your grandma is leaving tomorrow and you can finally get a break.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting! And thanks about the grades; I imagine if I actually put any effort into them, they'd all be much better.

  4. I've trimmed some ends of my hair with scissors before, but never anything too drastic... though I think I trust the professionals even less than my own shaky hands, which is probably why I haven't had my hair cut for, oh, two years or so? But yes, I say take a photo too :)

    Argh, I'm sorry to hear that your grandmother has been making your life sort of miserable lately. :/ Trying to remain positive is definitely the way to go, though! And yeah, I'm so ready to go to college at this point. Senior year, really? I want to get out of here already!