Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain is nice.

It rained yesterday.

And it was glorious.

When I left on vacation I left behind dead, dry, cruchy grass that was my yard for the tropical wonderland that is Florida. From the moment we hit Louisiana things felt moister than my area of Texas in a long time. I savored the weather, which was actually in double digits.

As soon as I returned home I observed with a little sadness that things were still dry, and very, very brown. My dad, unlike our neighbors, sees no point watering a yard in a middle class neighborhood. It makes sense. Who are we trying to impress? Why waste valuable water, and run up our water bill for that matter, on grass that my dog is using as a toilet? It makes sense. My dad says that the reason it’s averaging 100-105 degrees right now is because the moisture in our soil is currently 5%, as opposed to our usual 10%--- not to mention by this time last summer we actually had a significant amount of rain.

But when it did rain? The sun was beginning to set as dark clouds approached my neighborhood and it started to pour. When I looked outside I expected to see the shade of grey that usually accompanies showers, but instead I was met with an eerily stunning sepia tone. Scientifically I couldn’t help but wonder if the sepia effect was caused by the sickly hue of our grass playing off of the droplets.

It needs to rain more.


  1. That actually makes a lot of sense, not bothering to water the lawn, especially in the middle of the major heat/lack of drought that seems to be overtaking the majority of the country right now... Just a waste of water. Like my neighbors who have their sprinklers on ALL THE TIME even though their grass is perfectly fine...

  2. You speak so much truth.

    And yes, I'm back. Even though I don't think I ever really left. Staying off the internet yet trying to fill out college applications at the same time is really, really hard. But I truly do need to learn self control and devote more time to writing essays and researching scholarships.

    Sorry, I don't mean to rant!

  3. I think water sprinklers are foolish.

    I LOVE brown rainstorms!!

  4. If you're not getting enough rain in Texas, take some of ours. It's hot and humid here and storms every other day. Yesterday there was a HUGE thunderstorm and our power went off four times for about fifteen minutes each time.

    I really do love the rain, though.

  5. I'm loving that font, well and the rain